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The Satellite Educators Association, Inc. (SEA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization incorporated in Pennsylvania in 1989 and now headquartered in Pasadena, California. SEA is a professional organization of educators and those who want to enhance the education environment to excite students about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) through space-based technology. SEA envisions the world's finest educators supporting STEM learning for pre-kindergarten to post-graduate students using real-world applications involving satellite technology and satellite-based remote-sensing data. Primary activities include the annual Satellites & Education Conferences bringing educators, government, and industry together in support of teachers and students; Multinational Youth Studying Practical Applications of Climatic Events (the M.Y. S.P.A.C.E. Program), an international environmental research collaborative for grades 8-12; the online SEA Newseltter; and More Lessons from the Sky, our online, standards-based lesson plan library for K-12.

You are invited to learn more about the Satellite Educators Association, its history and meet the officers by visiting the About Us page at

Web Site

The Web site is developed and maintained in HTML5. It is best viewed with most recent versions of Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Opera, or Safari. If you experience any problems with our Web site, please contact with a complete description of the problem.


Membership in the Satellite Educators Association is open to interested persons subscribing to the vision and mission of the SEA. Membership is $20 per year. The term of membership is approximately one year beginning at the annual Satellites & Conference and ending July 31 the next year or the conference the next year, which ever comes first. The Satellites & Education Conference is usually held during the month of July or August. Annual dues are often paid with conference registration. The membership term for applications received with dues payment after the annual Satellites & Education Conference and before the next March 1 will begin when the application and payment are processed and end with the next annual conference. The membership term for applications received with payment on or after March 1, will begin when the application and payment are processed and end with the annual conference or July 31 in the succeeding calendar year, which ever comes first. If, for any reason, the annual Satellites & Education Conference is canceled or not scheduled in any calendar year, membership expires at the end of July 31 of that calendar year.


For membership, conference fees, and donations the payment option preferred by SEA is online with credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover). Satellite Educators Association does not collect, store, process, or transfer payment card information. All online payments are redirected to secure third-party payment pages hosted by Helcim. Payments can also be made by credit card, check, or cash in person at the Satellites & Education Conference. All payments must be in US Dollars. Payments may be subject to exchange rates and/or additional fees which are the responsibility of the payer. Returned checks are subject to an additional $20 fee.

Refund Policy

Should it become necessary to cancel a conference registration or membership, SEA will gladly refund the amount paid minus a $20 processing fee. While the mode of refund is at the discretion of the SEA Treasurer, an effort will be made to refund in the same mode as the original payment. For example, if the payment was made by check, SEA may issue a refund check once the initial payment check has cleared. If the payment was made by credit card, a credit may be issued to the same credit card account. Cash payments may be refunded by cash or check at the discretion of the SEA Treasurer. Requests for membership refunds must be received within thirty (30) calendar days of the membership dues payment. Requests for refund of pre-paid conference fees, including registration, banquet, and other conference-related activities involving a fee, must be received before 0001 UTC Monday of the calendar week of the conference. SEA is not able to accommodate refund requests received after those deadlines. Refund requests should be addressed to

Privacy Policy

SEA takes your privacy seriously. Information submitted in online forms such as the membership application and conference registration forms are encrypted using advanced 256-bit encryption techniques in a certified secure socket layer/transport layer security (SSL/TLS). You can be sure your online activity is so protected when you see the URL in the browser address window begin with "https," and the URL is preceded by a padlock symbol. You should also find a trust seal from the SSL/TLS certificate provider on various online forms available on You may click on the padlock and/or the trust seal for more information about the SSL/TLS certificate and its provider.

Our membership application, conference registration forms, and donation forms require users to provide contact information such as name, address, e-mail address, job title and organization, and mailing list preference. Please note that SEA does not collect, store, process, or transfer sensitive payment card information.

The Satellite Educators Association will never knowingly sell or share your personal information with anyone outside of the Association's normal internal use.

To further enhance the security of your personal information when shared online, you are urged to turn on the private browsing function of your computer's browser and/or a VPN (virtual private network) before accessing our online forms.

SEA Lesson Plan Library and Other Tutorial Materials

Our Web site offers lesson plan suggestions and tutorial instructions for using other Web sites. These are offered as an aid to educators grades K-12. While an effort has been made to match the materials in the SEA Lesson Plan Library with Next Generation Science Standards, the ultimate determination of the suitability of those materials for use with students or to meet specific curricular objectives is completely up to the user. Teachers who download our lesson plan materials are free to modify the lesson materials to more closely serve the needs of their students, their curricula, or their classroom situations provided appropriate credit is given to original authors and developers.

Printed and video tutorials are found in many of our lesson plan suggestions, offered in the Using Satellites section, and other areas of our Web site. Included in these tutorials are illustrations of the use of downloadable applications for local installation as well as Web-based applications. Such Web-based applications are offered by individuals and organizations other than the Satellites Educators Association, Inc., and the Satellite Educators Association, Inc. has no control over the contents of those Web sites. Users of our Web site should be aware that such individuals and organizations will occasionally update their own Web sites resulting in a potential mismatch between our tutorials and those Web sites.

As staff, time and other resources are available, an effort will be made to periodically update our lesson plans and tutorials. However, the Satellite Educators Association, Inc. makes no claim as to the accuracy or suitability for use of any lesson plan or tutorial offered on its Web site.


Our Web site may use cookies. These small files are stored on a user's computer by the Web site the user is browsing. Cookies hold a small amounts of information about the way you are using the Web site in order to enhance the browsing experience. For example, some cookies may store the personal preferences and selected settings of the user to save time during the on-line session and when the user next logs in to that Web site. The use of cookies is considered by many to be an industry standard.

Your browser is probably configured to accept cookies. However, if you prefer not to receive cookies, you can change your browser settings to refuse cookies. If you choose to set your browser to refuse cookies, some parts of this Web site may not function properly.

SEA Newsletter

The SEA publishes the SEA Newsletter online four times per year. The Newsletter contains information of interest to the Satellite Educators Association members including articles from the officers, NOAA, NASA, and education and aerospace leaders, as well as a K-12 lesson plan keyed to the Next Generation Science Standards. The SEA Newsletter is freely available whether subscribed to the mailing list or not. To view the SEA Newsletter, click the Newsletters link at

Qualified persons wishing to contribute content to the SEA Newsletter should contact the SEA Newsletter editor at

Any opinions expressed in the SEA Newsletter are those of the individual authors and not necessarily those of the Satellite Educators Association, Inc.

E-Blast Mailing List

The SEA operates a mailing list that sends brief messages (e-Blasts) announcing the publication of the SEA Newsletter online four times a year and infrequent notices of interest to the SEA and its list members.

The mailing list is a private and closed list. The subscribers list is only available to the List Administrator. Only the List Administrator can post to the list. List members can only receive messages. E-mail REPLY and REPLY-ALL actions are not allowed by the mailing list program and will be discarded. Posts by list members are not allowed and will be discarded. Repeated attempts to post to the list by any list member other than the List Administrator may result in removal of the member from the list.

Only the list member's name and the e-mail address submitted by the list member are contained in the list. Additionally a tag indicating list member's preferences (such as receive newsletter announcements only, or receive member's information, for example) is attached to the list member's name in the list. Such tags are used by the List Administrator only and are not available to anyone else. No other personal information is contained in or used by the mailing list program.

Submission of registration for the annual Satellites & Education Conference or application for new or renewed membership automatically adds your e-mail address to the SEA E-Blast Mailing List unless you opt out at the time of submission. Individuals may request subscription to the mailing list at any time by visiting our e-Blast Subscription page accessible from the top menu bar of the SEA Newsletter. Subscription to the mailing list is free of charge.

WARNING: If you are an Active member (with dues paid up to date) and you opt out of the mailing list, you will not receive infrequent and unscheduled notices containing critical information sent to members only.

Mailing list members can unsubscribe at any time using the link in the footer of an e-Blast message or by sending an e-mail message to with UNSUBSCRIBE in the subject line. The e-mail address will be removed from the mailing list immediately.

Photography & Recording at the Conference

The SEA Photographer records images of candid and posed scenes of conference activities. The images may be used for news and educational purposes by the Satellite Educators Association. By registering for the conference, you grant permission for pictures that include your image to be so made and used.

You may take your own pictures of conference activities as long as (1) you have permission from the subjects of the pictures before taking the pictures, and (2) you do not under any circumstances take pictures of the K-12 school-age students who are part of the Multinational Youth Studying Practical Applications of Climatic Events (M.Y. S.P.A.C.E.) Program without prior written consent from a parent or legal guardian of each.

The conference participation of speakers and session presenters does not constitute blanket permission to record any part of their presentations - audio, video, or still pictures. Such recordings of conference session presenters and conference speakers may be made only with the prior consent of the individual speaker or presenter.

Other Web Sites

Our Web site contains links to other Web sites. Please note that when you click on one of those links, you are entering another Web site for which SEA has no responsibility. You are encouraged to read the privacy statements of the other sites as their policies may be different from ours.


Specific products or vendors are mentioned in the content of various pages of this Web site. They are mentioned as potentially useful tools for implementing specific tasks, events, do-it-yourself projects, or lesson plans offered on this site. Their mention does not express or imply endorsement of said products or vendors by Satellite Educators Association, Inc. or any of its members. Utilization of said products or vendors is entirely the responsibility of the individual user.

Contact Us

The Satellite Educators Association, Inc. is headquartered at 1550 East Woodbury Road, Pasadena, California 91104-1556, USA. The Satellite Educators Association welcomes questions, comments, constructive suggestions.

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